Shipping to the UK

We are shipping to the UK again. It only UPS is working OK. Shipping costs for a regular package went up from 14 Euro to 29 Euro with  UPS (an extra 5 Euro handling fee is included). UPS charges these costs for the handling at UK customs.

Only orders over 150 Euro accepted

From now on we only ship orders with a value over 150 Euro (135 Pounds) to the UK. We will have to cancel orders with a lower value and issue a refund. The reason is that for orders with a lower value we will have to pay taxes to the UK tax bureau which is a hassle we can't afford as a small EU shop. Sorry for this.

Payment of VAT and import duties are shifted to you 

For all UK orders the payment of VAT will be shifted to the buyer. This also includes the possible payment of import duties. Please note: this means that you may have to pay VAT and import duties as a buyer when the package is delivered to you.

If you order in our shop as a customer with a UK address, you do not pay the 21% VAT anymore. The VAT is "shifted" to you. We will include an invoice with the order value excluding VAT to the package for UK customs.

We will not pay any VAT or import duties in advance. As a buyer you are responsible to pay any taxes on our shipments when required by UK customs.